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Favourite Poems …………… Siegfried Sassoon

This is from ‘War Poems’ published Faber and Faber poetry 1983


I watched a jostling mob that surged and yelled,

And fought along the street to see their man:

Was it some drunken bully that they held

Siegfried Loraine Sassoon (1886-1967), poet an...

Siegfried Loraine Sassoon (1886-1967), poet and novelist, platinum print, wearing military uniform with the collar badges of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and hat, Beresford’s stamp and copyright line on verso, 6 x 4½ in (15.2 x 11.5 cm). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For justice – some poor thief who snatched and ran?

I asked a grinning news-boy, ‘What’s the fun?’

‘The beggar did for five of ’em!’ said he.

‘But if he killed them why’s he let off free?’

I queried – ‘Most chaps swing for murdering one.’

He screamed with joy; and told me, when he’d done –

‘It’s Corporal Stubbs, the Birmingham VC!’


Not much to me is yonder lane

Where I go every day;

But when there’s been a shower of rain

And hedge-birds whistle gay.

I know my lad that’s out in France

With fearsome things to see

Would give his eyes for just one glance

At our white hawthorne tree.

Not much to me is yonder lane

Where he so longs to tread:

But when there’s been a shower of rain

I think I’ll never weep again

Until I’ve heard he’s dead.

There are lots of web sites with biographical information and also many of his poems.

Siegfried Sassoon


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