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Marice Sendak Dies

Maurice Sendak, the man widely considered to be the most important children’s author of the 20th century, has died aged 83 from complications following a recent stroke.

Sendak was known for writing and illustrating more than a dozen picture books, most notably ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ – a groundbreaking tale exploring childhood imagination, published by Harper and Row in 1963.

Sad news….my kids (and myself) loved Where the Wild Things Are and his other books too.  This is from the obitaury in today’s Independant


The book was adapted several times, including an animated short in 1973 (with an updated version in 1988); a 1980 opera; a 300-page novelisation by Dave Eggers, and a live-action feature-film adaptation, directed by Spike Jonze, in 2009.

Despite being only 338 words long, Where The Wild Things are has gone on to sell way-in-excess of 10 million copies around the world

Other titles written and illustrated by Sendak include: “In the Night Kitchen” (1970) and “Outside Over There” (1981), which together with “Where the Wild Things Are” form a trilogy; “The Sign on Rosie’s Door” (1960); “Higglety Pigglety Pop!” (1967); and “The Nutshell Library” (1962), a boxed set of four tiny volumes comprising “Alligators All Around,” “Chicken Soup With Rice,” “One Was Johnny” and “Pierre.”

Alongside fellow authors, Sendak drew inspiration from musicians and painters in his work but it was his father, who used to embellish Bible stories with additional ‘racy’ details, who formed his biggest influence.

In January this year, Sendak revealed to Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report that he was not a fan of ebooks.

“Fuck them is what I say, I hate those e-books. They can not be the future… they may well be… I will be dead, I won’t give a shit!”

A posthumous picture book, “My Brother’s Book” — a poem written and illustrated by Mr. Sendak and inspired by his love for his late brother, Jack — is scheduled to be published next February.





One comment on “Marice Sendak Dies

  1. WDLady
    May 8, 2012

    Whoa…I can’t believe he’s gone! 😦 I just wrote about him too, reviewing Where The Wild Things Are film just a few days ago. He will surely be missed. RIP Sendak.

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