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World Book Night

World Book Night

World Book Night (Photo credit: danbruell)

April 23rd 2012 was not only Shakespeare’s birthday and St George’s Day but this year it was World Book Night.

Last year I was given a free book by a friend who had applied to be a book giver.  It was One Day, and a jolly good read too.  If you haven’t read it, do.

So this year I applied to be a giver and was chosen to have Harlequin by Bernard Cornwell, a brilliantly researched book set around the battle of Crecy.  As with all his books you are involved with the characters from the first page and as you follow their exploits you learn an amazing amount of history on the way.

Anyway, back to World Book Night.   A week before the event I collected 24 free copies of my book from the local Waterstones and then had the fun of giving them away.   1 has gone to Darwen, 2 to Blackburn via friends who were visiting.  Several more are scattered all over Yorkshire….given out back stage at last week’s production of Ruddigore.  At least 1 of those will by now be in France.  ” went to my parents’ care home for the upstairs and downstairs libraries.  I missed church on Sunday and Tuesday’s Messy Church was too hectic to think about donating books so on Sunday I will give away the rest.

The idea is to read the book and pass it on, rather like the Guardian’s book event earlier when they encouraged folk to leave books in interesting places for someone else to find and enjoy.  I picked one up on the steps of the Albert Hall.

Anything which encourages folk to read is, in my book, a great idea, so see if you can get hold of a free copy of any of the many books circulating.  You can register the book on line and track its progress around the country/world. Just log on to the website


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