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Jed Rubenfeld is a Professor of Law at Yale University, USA.  ‘The Death Instinct’ is his second novel, is first being ‘The Interpretation of Murder‘.

They are unusual in that they are who-dun-its with a literary twist.  Sigmund Freud features largely in both. Now who would have thought to have him in a thriller?  The plots of both are intricate and the reader needs to concentrate, but it’s well worth it.


‘The Death Instinct’ starts with a bomb attack outside the United States Treasury and The New York Stock ExchangeWall Street explodes.  The plot twists and turns; nothing is what it seems; no-one is quite who they seem.  There are lots of questions to be answered …… who are the three sinister women?  what do they want?  will the little boy ever speak? who planted the bomb and why?

At one point we are taken back to the trenches and the desperate injuries suffered by soldiers in the war and the difference x-rays made.  We learn about the work of Marie Curie and the application of radium.  Our main characters travel from the States to Europe and back again to find answers. Through it all money looms large.  In this book money makes the world go round.

After the resolution of the plot, or rather plots, there are comprehensive historical notes.  That a large part of the book is actual fact is startling and provides food for much thought.

And that’s all I’m telling you.  Go and read the book.  Go and read both of them.


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