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Blogs I like

Being new to the blogging world I am finding new, informative and entertaining blogs all over the place. Lots on wordpress and lots on blogspot.  I love it when folk ‘like’ a post because then I can look at their stuff.  I’ve found all sorts of super stuff.  Here’s some of it:


This has musings on life wearing specs and much more besides.  Very entertaining.

A blog to encourage children’s creative writing.

I don’t much like dogs (don’t really dislike them either) but I love this next blog.  Fabulous pictures and great quotes.

An unusual blog this next one, all about travelling by air……lots of useful advice.

The next blog is one encouraging others to contribute their bucket list, by which I assume they mean your personal wish list of to do’s before you die!  There are also some lovely personal photos here.

The following site has all sorts of interesting stuff for Mums and children.  The author has researched and played loads of free phone apps and games.  Very informative.

This is a great blog with a wide variety of articles about music and also a guitar course and videos.

The next blog has all sorts of posts about children and parenting.  It’s a lovely, chatty site with smashing pictures of her family.  A really encouraging blog.

A blog about the joys of living in England whilst considering moving to France in the future.


Musings from a vicarage, including church activities, recipes and children’s activities.

An excellent blog about teaching English in France…lots of good teaching ideas and classroom management.

Lots of slideshows, photos and cautionary tales.  Includes a page about teaching English.

My musings about how to cope happily with old age and increasingly elderly parents, includes thoughts about finance, care homes, legal matters and photos.


One comment on “Blogs I like

  1. becomingcliche
    April 6, 2012

    If you’re a bibliophile, you might also like and I adore I Like the World Fuzzy, too!

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