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Reading for Lent

The first thing I am trying to do this Lent is to read all 4 Gospels.  It should be easy considering how quickly I usually read, but my mind often wanders when I am reading and I find I’ve planned next week’s dinners, so I have to go back sometimes and re-read a section.  If you haven’t tried reading much of your Bible, or only read it using Bible notes and so read it in little bits, it’s really good to tackle a complete book at a time.  You get a better picture of what is going on.

If the thought daunts you, start with the Gospel of Mark.  It’s very short but has all the important bits in.  It will give you a clear picture of Jesus’ ministry and death.  The other gospels fill in details, include other stories etc. and show Jesus in different lights, helping to round out our picture of Him.

If you want to give the Old Testament a go it’s full of history, battles, sex, betrayals, selfishness, selflessness and more besides. I found a book, years ago, which wrote the whole of the Old Testament as if it were a novel.  It was called ‘The Promise’ but it is out of print now.  It was a great read, un-put-downable.

This Lent I have also read the first 3 books of

Wendy Alec’s ‘Chronicles of Brothers’.

Book 1        ‘The Fall of Lucifer’

Book 2        ‘The first Judgement’

Book 3        ‘Son of Perdition’

Book 4 is not yet published, though promised for January 2012, much to my frustration and that of the friend who lent me the trilogy in the first place.  We want to know what happens next.

The books are a gripping read of the history of the Earth from the perspective of Eternity.  Drawing heavily on the books of Daniel, Revelation and other apocalyptic teachings from the Gospels, the books put humanity’s situation in the context of Heaven and the angels.  It sounds a bit naff put like that but they really are a gripping read once you get into book 1 and they make you think!

A couple of year’s ago I came across a book which told the story of Jesus’s birth, life and death through the eyes of the angel Uriel.  It showed how the angels couldn’t understand how God the Father could let His Son suffer as He did.  It put a whole new perspective on the Gospel story.  When I find the book I’ll update this bit.

Have you read ‘The Shack’ yet?  Another excellent book, this time purporting to be factual, which is the account of a man’s search for answers after the disappearance and murder of his little daughter.  His experiences were remarkable.

The Shack Wm Paul Young  available from any bookstore.

It’s a thought-provoking read and has insights into the nature of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, never easy to express or explain.

‘The Garden of the Beloved’ is a book I first read many years ago.

The Garden of the Beloved by Robert Way and Laszlo Kubinyi (5 Jun 1975)

It is yet another book to make you think about what it means to be a Christian and how God wants us to live and treat those we meet.  It’s still available from Amazon.


Joyce Meyer has written prolifically and  her books are full of common sense about how to be a happy and fulfilled person.  Titles such as ‘Woman to Woman’, ‘Teenagers are People Too’, ‘How to Succeed at Being Yourself’ are a few of the long list of her titles.


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